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Quick Assist

Windows 10 includes Quick Assist software to allow someone to remotely connect to your computer to help you.

? Unfortunately this tool is misused by criminal organizations, pretending to be Microsoft Support or some antivirus vendor. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO CONNECT USING QUICK ASSIST! Microsoft support does not use Quick Assist, and they do not contact you unsolicited. If you are unsure, contact us first and we will let you know, free of charge, whether you should allow them or not.

That being said, if you have contacted us for support, we use Quick Assist as a secondary method to connect in case our primary does not work for some reason. To access Quick Assist, you can use Windows search to find “Quick Assist” and run the app. Windows search is either the magnifying glass icon or search bar on your taskbar, or else you can hit Win-S to bring up the search box.

When you run it, it will offer two options, either Get or Give Assistance. You will Get Assistance. We will provide you a code either by phone or email, which will allow us to remote into your computer. Normally, we will require you to remain at your computer while we assist you.

Again, remember that Microsoft does NOT use this tool for their tech support, so do not allow anyone claiming to be from Microsoft Support to use this tool.

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