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PDS Adds Digital Business Cards

We’re happy to announce we now offer our customers digital business cards, also known as a vCards. .

Why pay for boxes of paper business cards that people will throw away? Use the technology that everyone already has, mobile phones, to hand out your digital business cards on the spot. Your information goes directly into their contact list, guaranteeing that they’ll remember you and have all of your information at hand. Perfect for sales, marketing, small businesses, and making connections with anyone.

You can show as much or as little as you want. For the other person to add you, all they have to do is take a photo of the QR code that your digital business card provides, and your vCard displays on their browser. It is simple for anyone to add your contact info, and works on any mobile phone or computer.


  • SSL protected links
  • SEO optimized or private
  • Full information including business address and contact details
  • All of your social media links
  • Custom content including images, text, video or products
  • Simplified view to encourage saving your vCard
  • Full colour customization
  • Supports analytics codes such as Google analytics, Matomo, Clicky, etc.
  • Custom link as per your specifications
  • Discounts available for more users

Contact us at for a demo today!

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Following up on the heels of the Rogers Outage scam is the upcoming payment from ICBC that people may be entitled to. However, don’t fall for the fake emails or texts on your phone, the legitimate refund will notify you most likely with a letter, as most ICBC correspondence does. Don’t click on these links!

ICBC sms txt scam
ICBC sms txt scam

Beware of Rogers Outage Scams

I think it bears repeating, do not click on any link sent to you by text message or email from Rogers claiming to credit you for the recent Canada-wide outage. You may not even be with Rogers – scammers don’t know this information so people on other networks still click to see if they can get money.

If and when Rogers does so, any legitimate refund will come in the form of an automatic credit on your statement. You won’t have to click on anything to receive it. Here’s an example of a fake message:

Rogers scam sms text message
Rogers scam sms text message